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Yoga Socks - Cotton

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We are happy to bring to you our first of many cotton Yoga Socks!  These are so comfortable and divine!

We love to practice yoga in the mornings, as the sun peeks its head out over the horizon.  Sometimes, at different times of the year, this is abit chilly.  We still love to practice yoga though, what to do?  Put some socks on and keep warm!  But what about slipping and sliding on the floor?

We took this into account when designing these divine socks.  We put toes into each and every pair.  These keeps every toe warm and toasty!  Feels good too!!! 

These socks are made from cotton and allow your tootsies to breathe whilst wearing them at the same time.

We love the silicon dots on the bottom that provide a good grip.  There is no fun in slipping around the yoga room or mat when the going gets chilly.  Even on a spring morning it can be a little cold.  These are the perfect socks for keeping you in place.

You can use these everywhere, not just in the yoga room.  At home, keep your grip and a smile on your face when you wear our Divine Goddess Yogi Socks.

Pretty in design and perfect in texture.  Cotton socks to keep the toes warm and the heart smiling!!

LOVE xxxx

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