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Yoga Skirts

Yoga Skirt Tusic

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We deliver to you, our beloved customers our first collection of Yoga Skirts. The Skirt Tusic is cut to finish just below the bottom. Perfect for wearing over leggings or with hot pants or just for feeling cool when the weather is warmer!


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We adore the new Skirt Tusic at Divine Goddess.  

We know that sometimes you would like to cover up a little bit when you are wearing leggings so we created a skirt that is possible to wear with leggings on those days or without when the weather is heating up!

We have chosen to use a delightful style of fabric of Rayon Lycra which is soft and flexible and perfect for this darling little skirt!  We love the waistband that sits sweetly against the skin.  This is worn with a feeling of support but not too tight.

We included our traditional Lotus Flower to remind us that new beginnings are just around the corner.  We are so very similar to the Lotus Flower in that we rise towards the light when we practice yoga.  New beginnings are caused by us, when we work on the mat we can create anything we want or need!  Join us in the perfect work and see for yourself.

We love to wear the Skirt Tusic over hotpants when we would like to cover up a little bit or over leggings on those days when we feel to not show our bottom.  But on those hot days when the sun is shining and we are feeling good we wear it by itself and the world breathes a sigh of relief!

Natural fibres and divine styling work together to combine in a beautiful combination.

The Skirt Tusic arrives at Divine Goddess today!

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