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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat - Turquoise Ohm

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We love the bright colour of this wonderful Turquoise Yoga Mat with the beloved Ohm symbol represented on it. We love to chant Ohm and feel this mat is the perfect reminder of this. The vibration that heals from within is created when we make the sound of Ohm. This healing vibration works its way out from our centre and brings the joy and healing power of light with it.

All of us can make this sound so all of us can share these wonderful blessings.


At Divine Goddess we create yoga products that are not only beautiful but fully functional in most yoga realms.  This is another one of those products.  The Divine Goddess Turquoise Ohm Mat is the one when you are looking to lay out your mat and practice hard whilst feeling the vibrational positivity of the planet!!

We chose this pretty shade of turquoise as it is easy on the heart.  Awakening but not forcing, gently bringing you to a place of contemplation without pushing.  Turquoise is the colour of the clearest sky, the most awakened moment.

The Ohm symbol represents the vibration we create when we make the sound of Ohm.  This vibration will work from the inside out.  Allowing the insides of the practitioner to melt into sweet bliss.  All of us can make the sound of Ohm so all of us can call to ourselves and awaken the light that shines in each and every person that steps on the mat to practice yoga.  This is why we are all here.  To allow ourselves to feel the sweetness that is just there ready to shine.

Ohm is the liberational sound of the universe. Its vibration will collect and change any room, any setting. Practicing yoga with the ohm surrounding you will provide oceans of peace and bliss. Beautiful pale blue mat with dark blue ohm. Dimensions of this mat are 176cm x 61cm and 4mm thick. Our mats fit inside any of our mat bags for ease and comfort to and from class.

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