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Yoga Mat - Purple Ohm

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Another stunning mat from Divine Goddess Yoga Products.  The Purple Ohm mat is one of our most beautiful.  The colour of the mat we offer you is rich and abundant.  Just right for a strong practice or perfect for a gentle romp around the mat.  We love the qualities of Purple we bring to the yoga room.  In many cultures Purple is known as the Royal Colour.  Gentle awakening of the goodness inside all beings.  We all deserve the riches of life, we just need to call them in.

This mat is adorned with the Ohm Symbol.  This is the symbol that represents the vibration we create when we make the sound of Ohm.  This vibration begins from within and brings peace and prosperity to all those that make the sound.  We can all practice the mantra of Ohm.  Awaken the joys of life.  Inside from out.  A simple and profound and powerful sound.  Join us in the beauty that is Ohm.

The purple ohm mat is a soothing mat indeed.  Very stunning deep purple mat with deeper purple ohm at the top. Colours are work beautifully together.

Ohm is the first sound there was, it created the universe. Ohm is a vibrational sound and any soul can create sound and light by chanting it. Allow ohm to help you with your yoga practice. This mat will fit inside any of our Divine Goddess yoga mat bags and its dimensions are 176cm x 61cm and 4mm thick.

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