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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat - Pink Ohm

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We feel that the practice of yoga is a sacred and beautiful one.  We would like a yoga mat that reflects that beauty yet still allows us to practice a strong and devoted style of yoga.  We designed our range of stunningly beautiful mats with designs to please the eye and offer a way to connect to the energy of the universe.

This mat will help you to do just this.  Pink is the colour of the heart.  The colour of LOVE.  We feel it represents the way we breathe love in and out.  Love will manifest if you allow it to.  We like to practice on pink as it keeps the energy flowing and the feeling light.

The turquoise Ohm is beautiful against the hot pink of the mat.  Ohm is the symbol for the vibration that is the sound of Ohm.  Everyone can chant the mantra Ohm.  When you make this sound it creates a vibration from within  that heals the body and soul from the inside out.  This means we can all practice this devoted yet simply style of mantra work.

Take the time to chant Ohm 3 times at the beginning and the end of your practice and feel the energy build and fall as it should.

This mat is 4mm thick, it is 176cm long and 61cm wide.  Manufactured from high quality PVC this mat will last well.  Perfect for everyday yoga and most definately for looking good.

Enjoy your love, enjoy your life and enjoy your yoga

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