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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat - Orange Ohm

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Divine Goddess Yoga Mats are the original design yoga mats. We have been manufacturing and creating these beloved Yoga Mats for you for nearly 10 years now.  We love them and feel sure you will too once you see them.

The orange of this mat is soothing to the senses.  Reminding us of the gentle path of life, if we chose it.  The sun is orange and we like to practice with gratitude to the sun and all its blessings.  Orange is the colour that works for us when we awaken the energy within.  We love to practice yoga on an orange mat!!

This is a delightful colour combination and the power of the ohm is supreme. Ohm is a vibrational sound and yoga is the work of the soul.  We call the mantra OHM at the beginning and closing of each and every practice we complete.  We know that everyone can benefit from the power of the mantra which is ohm.  Working from the inside out you can heal yourself slowly and surely but you definately can do this.

OHM works by creating a vibration which soothes from the inside.  The more you call to OHM the greater the power you will give to yourself.  We believe that this mat will help you to create a yoga practice that is just right for you.  Everyone calls to OHM a little differently and that is perfect to.  Now is the time for you to do so.

Combined, the orange mat and the beloved OHM,  they envelope the practitioner in a world of peace and feelings of bliss.

The dimensions of our mats are 176cm x 61cm and 4.5mm thick. They will fit icomfortably nside all of our gorgeous Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags.

Beloved darling yoga mat

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