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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat - Orange Lotus

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At Divine Goddess we feel the beauty of our yoga practice can be and should be reflected in our yoga equipment and clothing.  With this beauty in our hearts and minds we have created for you, our beloved customers, the range of Yoga Mats with Divine Designs.

This is an absolutely delightful orange mat with a lotus embodied on it. The lotus flower opens slowly and sweetly, like the human heart. Open your heart with your practice of yoga with this beautful mat. Each and every movement will be coloured by the ancient and sweet overtones of the Lotus Flower.  Rising like the shining light they are, the Lotus Flowers take us to live and dance in the light.  Our yoga practice is the way we access this light so we work together.  Our mat, our heart and the Lotus Flower, all combine to bring peace and tranquility to each and evey yoga practice we choose to take.

The Orange colour is very kind to the soul and easy on the eye whilst the lotus flower combines with it to bring peace of mind to the practitioner.

Dimensions of this mat are 61cm x 176cm and 4.5mm thick. This is a perfect mat to practice nearly all styles of yoga.  It will roll up extremely easily to fit inside one of our divine Yoga Mat Bags.  We love to practice yoga and we love to look good, everywhere that is.  Now the opportunity is here for you to do the same. 

Join us in the light.  Join us on the mat.  Join us in LOVE!!


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