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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat - Mandala Of Limitless Love - Red

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Divine Goddess Yoga Mats are the original mats to please not only the senses but the mind and spirit. 

Mandalas are a tool for enhancing clarity of thought and clarity of perception.  Focus your attention on the centre of this mat whilst you practice your standing postures.  Sitting postures will be imbued with the wisdom of love.  All shapes and form, all varieties.  We love to gaze at the golden mandala whilst we are in downward dog.  Centering our spirit and our gaze helps to calm the mind and we can sometimes use all the help we can to remain calm and happy whilst practicing yoga.

Our mandalas are manufactured from golden ink and are beautiful to behold.  The look and lustre of this mat is very beautiful indeed.  This mandala is created with love in mind and if you look closely you will see there are hearts everywhere in this mandala.   A very special way of practicing yoga is through the heart.  Come on, join us, the feeling is divine!!

Let love in all its forms flow through your soul as you practice the art of yoga on this mat. Love has no limitations, it has no fears, it is open to all possibilities.

The dimensions of this mat are  61cm x 176cm x 4.5mm thick.   This mat will perfectly fit inside one of our Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags and will have you looking beautiful and happy in yoga class.

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