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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat - Mandala Of Limitless Love - Blue

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We wanted a yoga mat to be as beautiful as our practice of yoga.  Something we could use to not only strengthen and align our body but to helps us to focus our mind.  Mandalas are used as a tool to increase the capacity for concentration.  Concentration of the mind provides us with clarity of thought.  Through this we are able to make decisions for ourselves  that bring happiness and contentment.

This mandala is made using golden ink.  A beautiful addition to your yoga mat.  Focus your attention on the centre of the mat when you are in downward facing dog and feel the worries of the day fade away.  Breathe and enjoy.

Let love in all its form flow through your soul as you practice the art of yoga on this mat. Love has no limitations, it has no fears, it is open to all possibilities.

Yoga brings with it the possibility of great love and openness.  We aim to practice that awareness and bring love and gratitude to all else who practice yoga.  The Limitless Love Mat will help you to awaken these feelings and live in the love light with us!!!

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