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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat - Limitless Love Purple

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How divine is this Divine Goddess Mandala Mat. Hearts make up most of this mandala and we love to be reminded of how limitless real loving can be


The Divine Goddess Mandala Mat Collection is one of our most popular.  We have been producing these for many years now and feel certain you will love them as much as we do once you lay your eyes on them.

The Purple Yoga Mat has the Limitless Love Mandala in a beautiful shade of metallic gold on it.  If you are in downward dog and you direct your gaze to the centre of the mat you will find hearts and love aplenty.  We have tested and tried this mandala work and it is sure to ease the spirit and soothe the heart.

This mat is 4.5mm in thickness and manufactured from PVC.  This is a great all purpose mat and will work very well in most yoga practices.  It weighs around 1 kilogram and we have loved and adored this collection for many years now.

We recognise that our Yoga practice is one of the most beloved and beautiful things we do in our lives.  We would like our yoga products to reflect this beauty and it is with this in mind that we began our Yoga Products business in the first place.  We take pride and bring love and light into all the products we create and we hope you can agree that our Divine Goddess Yoga Products reflect the beauty that is yoga


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