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Yoga Mat Carry Strap Purple

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This is one of the most simple ways to carry your mat around.  Back and forth from class in style and simplicity.

This yoga mat carry strap is manufactured from the highest grade nylon for ease of use.  Smooth against the body, this nylon has good grip for carrying your mat.

The rubber closure has a print of a Lotus Flower.  Top and Bottom.  What nicer way to hold your mat in place.  At Divine Goddess we love the Lotus Flower.  It represents new beginnings.  We like to believe that yoga helps all of us find our way and walk the path to the light.  The Lotus Flower rises from the murky depths of the pond towards the light.  We love that.

A deep purple colour is the hue of this mat.  The rubber Lotus Flower closures are black and this is a beautiful combination. We have carried all the mats in our collection with this mat carry strap.  This is suitable for nearly all yoga mats on the market.

At only $19 this is a very easy choice for a carrier for your mat.

Pop it on and you are off!  To class to class to catch a vibration!

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