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Yoga Mat Carry Strap Black

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We have found the easiest and simple way to bring your mat to and from class.  The Divine Goddess Mat Carry Strap!

This beloved this piece of goodness is fully made from the highest quality and long lasting nylon fibre.  A deep Black in colour, this mat carry strap is classic and strong.

Held at each end by a rubber closure with a Lotus Flower depicted upon it.  We love to have the Lotus Flower close to us as it helps us to remember that we are capable and it is our responsibility to awaken the light within.  Yoga helps us to do that and we love the combination of yoga and the Lotus Flower.

This mat carry strap will comfortably transport nearly all types of yoga mats, shapes, sizes and weights.

If you feel a whole yoga mat bag may be a bit much for you please take the time and the very small cost of trying one of these delightful mat carry straps out.

The journey to and from yoga always needs to be accompanied by your friend, the yoga mat.  Sometimes your hands will be full and you will feel the blessing of this very simple piece of equipment.

Hands free, heart open and away we go

LOVE your yoga, LOVE your life

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