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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat - Black/pink Ohm

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This is one of our favourite Divine Goddess Yoga Mats. We love to chant Ohm and feel the blessings that this vibration gives us. We love to be reminded of just how magical our lives can be and the Ohm symbol is the perfect reminder of this.


The Divine Goddess Yoga Mat collection is full and beautiful.  We have created for you the most lovely yet still so functional Yoga Mats we can find on this planet. 

We have chosen to use a 4.5mm Black PVC mat for this beauty.   PVC is easy to use and beautiful to behold.  We have been producing these wonderful yoga mats for many years now and we know that they stand the test of time.

The Black colour of this mat works so well with the beautiful pink colour of our Ohm symbol.  The Ohm symbol represents the vibration that is created when we make this sound.  The healing starts from way within the heart and soul.  The light works its way out through the body and cleanses as it does so.  We know that all of us can make this sound and therefore all of us can create love and light for ourselves and those of us around us.  Practice chanting Ohm as often as you can and feel the difference this makes.  We love this practice as much as we love our yoga practice so this combination is utterly perfect for all of us.

The 4.5mm thickness provides a good cushioning and functionality.  The weight is approximately 1.3kilos when packed, ready to send to you.  Easy

This mat will stay with you for as long as you allow it.  A beautiful and sweet addition to any yogis wardrobe.  We love the beauty and the ease with which this mat is used.

We have been practicing yoga for many, many years now and we love the blessings it brings us.  We love the goodness we are able to share and we love our YOGA MATS.

Join us in the light and see for youself.

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