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Yoga Mats

Yoga Mat - Black Pink Lotus

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This mat will please the eye and comfort your bank balance. At Divine Goddess we believe beauty should be available at an affordable price and we feel sure you will agree with this stunning yoga mat.

Black stays clean and the pink lotus flower is truly beautiful. This yoga mat will last and last.  We like to feel the beauty of yoga is all around us and with this mat we have created a truly beautiful piece.

The lotus flower symbolizes new beginnings.  We have coloured this Divine Goddess Lotus Flower the sweetest shade of pink.  Why not keep all the products as beautiful as possible we believe.  This Lotus Flower symbolises the deepening of true faith.  Remember that it is up to us to take the chance and find some true faith to make the changes we would like to happen in our lives.  We want to do this and we feel and believe that our yoga practice helps us to manifest that.

Standing at the front of your mat, ready to begin your practice, look down.  The flower you see if simply a mirror to yourself.  Rising from the murky depths of ignorance and rising slowly towards the light of true clarity.  Enjoy this mat.  Enjoy your yoga practice.

Yoga is a very direct path to the heart.

Our Divine Goddess Yoga Mat is 4.4 mm thick and is 61 cm x 178 cm in measurement.  Divine and delicious mat.

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