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Yoga Block Purple Princess

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We are very pleased to bring to you our own range of Yoga Blocks.  Light and breezy, just like your yoga practice could be....... well with enough practice it could, and the correct alignment!!

Sweet Purple in colour, this block is simple and easy to use.   This is a very light block but still strong for you.  It is easy to transport to and from class if you need to.   Blocks are perfect for helping us to reach the position when our body is still not quite ready to get there.  They are like a yogis little friend.  Sweet, soft and purple.  We love the yoga blocks from Divine Goddess.

Bevilled edges are easy on the body.  No sharp points on our spine or shoulders here.  We like the bevilled edge as it allows the body to work with the block, rather than against it.

Light and easy so a breeze to bring to class or keep at home.  We love using blocks to find our toes when they are far away.

Try it out, you will love it too.  This is another divine yoga product from Divine Goddess.  Brought to you with love in our heart and practice in our mind!

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