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Yoga Block Purple Ohm

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Yoga Blocks are perfect for helping yourself when there is no one around to assist you.  It is not always possible to reach your toes or stetch to the correct alignment.  Yoga Blocks allow us the opportunity to find the correct alignment without actually reaching the point of flexibility needed for the pose.

We would like our blocks to be as beautiful as possible if we are to use them daily.  Why not indeed!!  With this in mind we created our first range of beautiful yoga blocks.  Beautiful in colour and beautiful in desgin.

This block is a lilac colour.  Sweet and easy on the heart.  Awakening the beauty that lies within all of us.  The symbol ohm is the sound of the universe.  This symbol of ohm represents the vibration created when we make the sound.  This vibration begins from within and works its healing energy outward.  Everyone can make this sound.  Everybody can open their heart.

Join us in the pursuit of living in the light.  Practicing yoga regularly with sincereity and devotion will surely awaken the light within.  Why not give yourself a little hand with a beautiful block from Divine Goddess.

The edges of this block are soft to the body.  This means the block sits easily between the shoulder blades if needed be.  No sharp edges pushing into the body for us. 

Use this block well, its going to look fabulous in your yoga room or just in your house.  Beauty has a way of shining wherever you are.

Love your life, love your yoga

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