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Yoga Block Purple Ohm Jewelled

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We love to use blocks in our yoga practice.  We feel they are a yogis best friend.  They help us to achieve postures that otherwise may not be possible due to our bodies not being ready to achieve the alignment.  With a yoga block in place it is possible to achieve the correct alignment and the freedom and flexibility that accompanies that posture.

We also believe that yoga is one of the most beautiful things we do in our lives.  We like our yoga products to reflect this beauty and it is with this in mind that we created for you, our Yoga Accessories collection.

This design of the jewelled ohm is without a doubt one of the most beautiful images we know and love.  Ohm is the all emcompassing sound.  It creates a vibration from within that heals from the inside out.  The vibration that heals from the inside is accessible to all of us.  When we make the sound of Ohm this vibration happens for all people.  Everyone can do it.  We just need to make the sound and the healing begins.

Use this block and remember that it is us that make magic happen and we can achieve anything we put our minds to.

Love yourself, love your life and love your yoga practice!!


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