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Yoga Block Blue Yantra

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Yoga Blocks are a yogis best friend.  We love the way they can help us to find the correct alignment when our body is not quite ready.

We love to practice yoga and we know and believe that yoga is one of the most beautiful things we do in our life.  We have created this collection of Divine Goddess Yoga Blocks with love and kindess and the pursuit of beauty.

We adore the symmetry of the yantra on this block.  The Yanta of Compassion helps us to cultivate complete compassion and understanding.  It is always good to focus on ourselves first and then send the compassion outwards.  Kindness to oneself and then to others is the key to inner peace and tranquility.

Yantras are based on the lines of sacred geometry.  Focusing on the inner peace and strength of the individual.

We have made the edges softer and not harsh.  We dont like anything sharp in our yoga practice and this block is certainly not that.

The blue colour and the compassionate yantra combine to bring peace and love and a good yoga practice into your life.

See for yourself today!

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