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Yoga Block Blue Ohm

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We adore Yoga Blocks.  We love how they help us in postures that sometimes seem too much or too far away for us.  We feel that are a helping hand in class when the body wont quite make it.

We have designed this collection of Divine Goddess Yoga Blocks with beauty, kindness and a great yoga practice in mind.

We feel the blue colour of this block soothese the soul.  Calming, rippling with energy and remaining grounded when the postures heat up.

The Ohm symbol is the deepest sound of the universe.  When we create this sound we heal ourselves from the inside out.  The vibration we create when we make the sound of Ohm causes love and compassion to begin from inside our bodies.  We share this sound with the world around us and the vibration continues to build.  We practice the chant of the sacred symbol Ohm, every day as we realise the beauty and depth it brings to our life.

We believe that Divine Goddess Yoga Blocks with these designs help us to remember the beauty and the completeness with which we live.

Take Ohm into class with you and practice yoga with the Divine.  Inside and out, your body, soul and mind will be thanking you


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