Yoga Mat Bag Pink Lotus

$29.00 $45.00
Colour: Pink

We love to practice yoga and we love to look good.  Why not do both and do them so splendidly we thought!!  indeed!

We bring to you our Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags.  Manufacturted from 100% cotton and coloured with love and devotion.  We are sure you will feel as good as we do to take this beauty to class with you.  This light pink bag will comfortably hold one of our delightful Divine Goddess Yoga Mats.  We made sure there was enough room to fit a mat and your love inside.

The pocket on the side is designed to hold one of our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows.  You are also most welcome to hold your wallet and keys etc in this pocket.

We have manufactured the strap to be adjustable and openable.  This means that any size and shape yogi or yogini can use these bags.  Perect for everyone.  Just grab it out of the car or take it over your back on the bike on the way to class!

The pink colour draws in the light and awakens the heart.  The light pink lotus flower on the side reminds us that new beginnings are just around the corner.  We need to make an effort but once we do the opportunities for growth and change are right here!  We love the feeling of rising towards the light from the murky depths of the pond, just as the lotus flower does.

Use this Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bag when you are feeling good or feeling blue.  This bag will lift your spirits and take you to places of light and love.

Enjoy your life, enjoy your yoga right now!!!


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