Yoga Mat Bag Secret Garden Collection Navy/Turquoise

$29.00 $49.00
Colour: Navy

The Secret Garden is a book we all loved throughout our childhood.  I enjoy reading it to my children now.  It reminds me of magic and sweetness and that is something that yoga also helps me to create and maintain.  When meeting with our artist to draw and design this print it was this book that I held the imagery from.  I am so pleased and happy to share the results of our work together.

We have manufactured this Secret Garden Yoga Mat Bag from 100% cotton.  The strap is adjustable so that nearly all sizes of yogis and yoginis can use this mat.  Perfect for the back of the car, on the back of your bike or like many of our travelling customers, placed up in the hand luggage department of your airplane on an exciting and distant travel!  Yay xx

With some of our Secret Garden Yoga Mat Bags we have included our new tassel work.  These are truly beautiful and remind us that yoga is like magic, take one step on the mat and begin to soar within.

We love yoga and we love beauty in everything we see and do!  Join us and celebrate, life, love, yoga and magic as we work out way through the Secret Garden and into our very own hearts



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