Yoga Mat Bag Faith

$29.00 $45.00
Colour: Pink

We have been maufacturing our Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags for over 10 years now.  This style has proven to be extremely popular as well as practical.  The 100% cotton bags we designed for comfort and durability.

We take the time to dye each and every bag to our own colour requirements.  The light pink of this style awakens the heart and brings our focus into creating and living with FAITH.  Faith takes practice and time and we have both of those things in abundance.  We believe that by living with great FAITH you are able to make great changes happen.  We remind ourselves of this when we bring our yoga mat to class in our Divine Goddess Faith Mat Bag.

The strap is fully adjustable so most sizes of women and men can use this bag.  It is a great bag for cycling to class or just picking up on the run and heading out the door.

The pocket on the side we designed to easily hold one of our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows but can also contain your wallet and keys. 

Cotton allows the heat to leave the bag and for the toxins, if there are any, to leave the mat and not build up over time.

We love to practice yoga and we wish for great FAITH.  Join us on our quest for both of these with this divine Yoga Mat Bag and see what changes you can accomplish.


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