Yoga Mat Bag Burgundy Dorje Foil

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Colour: Burgundy

A Yoga Mat Bag is a true and trusted friend.  We carry our other best friend, our Yoga Mat in this bag and we know the importance of both of these items in our possession!

The 100% fabric is a deep and luscious burgundy colour.  This is a beautiful shade and we hard to produce exactly the right mix just for you.  This is a strong and study cotton fabric and will last for many, many trips to yoga class, around the world and beyond!

The Buddhist Dorje symbol represents the duality of life.  The good and the bad coexisting and remaining side by side without taking the light from one another.  It has taken us some time to realise this truth and with something so hard worked for we see the simplicity in reminding ourselves daily how much this is true to life!  so this is why we decided to include the Dorje symbol on our Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags.

The golden foil nature of this print is truly something to behold.  This foil print also has taken us much time to perfect and we are sure that you will agree with us on how beautiful it is.  This is the type of Yoga Mat Bag that the truly beloved yogis will like to use and take with them wherever they go.

We have placed a pocket on the side of this bag that can fit one of our Divine Goddess Eye Pillows or just as easily you can enclose your wallet and keys whilst you practice your craft in class.

We have adorned the flap of this pocket with the golden foil symbol of Ohm.  Again, a gentle reminder that the energy emenates from within and it is us that creates that magic.  The Ohm symbol represents the vibration created when we make this sound.  It comes from within and we can all access this sound and then can in turn create this vibration within.

Join us in the royal pursuit of yoga and feel the difference it makes to your daily life!  Cant go past a good yoga practice and surely you cannot go past this Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bag.

We have made the strap adjustable so that everyone can use this bag as we understand all we are not all the same size and shape.  Make it fit to your body and all will be well



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