Yoga Mat Bag Secret Garden Collection Black/Gold Foil

$29.00 $59.00
Colour: Black

This is one of the most beautiful Yoga Mat Bags we have ever made!  We adore the original artwork that we worked with our artist to bring to you and this divine artwork looks so lovely on our Yoga Mat Bag.

We have chosen to work with 100% cotton fabric and hand dye to our very own colours.  The Black fabric is beautiful against the golden foil garden that is here on this Secret Garden Yoga Mat Bag.

Love the butterflies and flowers and the feeling of magic and love here!

Some of these Yoga Mat Bags are adorned with our new tassels and strings.  These are beautiful and we have included them in only some of our new designs,  They again awaken the feeling of magic and love, something that we hold dear and feel always is around our yoga practice.

The strap on this bag is adjustable and perfect for all sizes of yogis.  We love it and know that all of us are sized differently and perfect in our own way.  Why not allow everyone to use a Sacred Garden Yoga Mat Bag.

Love your life, love your yoga practice and shine on!!!


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