Yoga Mat Bag Aqua Lotus Tree

$29.00 $45.00
Colour: Aqua

Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags are some of the most beautiful on the market.  We love to practice yoga and to attend classes whenever and wherever we feel to.  We also like to look good whilst doing so!!  Yoga is one of the most beautiful things we do in our life so we are looking for beautiful products to accompany that.

This brought us to creating a range of Yoga Mat Bags that were not only beautiful but fully functional.

We have used 100% cotton for the bags and hand dyed the fabric ourselves.  This allows us to offer you an individual colour and one you will not find on other bags.  We love the aqua colour of this Yoga Mat Bag, so pretty and divine!

The Lotus Tree print is our own original artwork.  We also take the time to create pieces of art for our goods that reflect the beauty that truly yoga is!!  The Lotus flower rises from the depths of the dark and murky pond.  Leaving the confusion and heading towards the light.  We like to think that yoga helps us to do just that also.  We begin our classes sometimes stuck in our heads, thinking about the shopping, the children, etc etc.  Once we begin to focus on the breath and move our body the thoughts drip away and we are left practicing our craft in the light.

The strap on our Divine Goddess Yoga Mat Bags is fully adjustable allowing it to fit any size and shape of yogi.

We have added a pocket on the side that will comfortably fit on of our Divine Goddess Yoga Eye Pillows or your keys and wallet if you prefer.

This Yoga Mat Bag is fully washable and extremely durable.

You will love it once it arrives, now is the time to choose!!!


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