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Long Sleeve Yoga Tops/Jackets

Women's Top White Lotus Wrap

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We love the versatility of this Divine Goddess Wrap Around Top.  We have made this one in cotton lycra for you.  This is a natural fibre and feels so good on the skin.  It has a slight stretch so it can wrap well and fit the body.  Divine!

The white is pure and simple.  We love to wear this garment over a tank for the beginning of class.  It is not too hot and allows you to move well and meet the mat where you need.  Once you warm up it is easy to remove and get down to the business of practicing yoga.

The golden embroidery on the sleeve is of the Lotus Flower.  Perfect to remind us that we are all searching for the light within.  We reach for the light just as the Lotus Flower rises from the depth of the dirty pond.  Taking the time and joy to see true existence for what it really is.

The length of this garment allows the top below to show through.  This looks great and we like to coordinate with another Divine Goddess Tank.  We also like to wear this garment with a dress, looks pretty and sweet.

This Divine Goddess Wrap Top is perfect to be machine washed.  It will handle machine washing well but we recommend to use the suns rays to dry the garment.  We believe that machine dryers shorten the length of most garments so under the sun for this one please!!!

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