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Full Length Women's Yoga Tops

Women's Top Taranga Tank

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A stunning and completely divine new addition to the Divine Goddess family.

Taranga is a sanskrit word that means infinite joy! That's what we experience on the yoga mat and beyond so we hoped to remind ourselves how delightful life can be with this new garment for you!


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Navy Blue

The Taranga Tank is perfect for a very strong practice.  The straps are infused with rubber so they stay in place and keep all of you inside!  We dont like to be pulling and tugging in our practice and are sure you dont either.  Not in this little number!!

The front detail is pretty.  2 straps emerging from the bodice make they way to the back of the garment.  Criss crossing and looking beautiful.

We have cut this tank a little longer so this sits on the hips and provides extra coverage for all of us.  Just as we like it!

We have offered this garment in black, purple and turquoise and navy blue.  Delightful colours that are at home on your yoga mat and just as at home on the lighthouse walk or chilling in the cafe.

Our Lotus Flower sits sweetly on the back and serves as a gentle reminder that we are ones that can make new beginnings happen for ourselves.  A little work on the mat can bring about great changes in our lives.  What a beauty the Lotus Flower is to remind us of this.

The in built shelf bra provides good support.  This is the perfect tank for a strong and sweaty practice, if you like that!  Good support and extreme beauty, divine!

Please wash in the machine if you like and dry under the suns rays.  This is all that is necessary.

Love your Taranga Tank and it will love you back


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