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Full Length Women's Yoga Tops

Women's Top T Bar Trim

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This is a very sweet new top from Divine Goddess. Our T Bar design has stood the test of time and we love to practice in it. This style will be comfortable in most yoga practices. Elegant and flattering, this is a beloved and worthy addition to your wardrobe.

The T Bar has a built in shelf bar, offering support for the breasts. This is liberating, to not need a bra during practice.


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We have a new print and it is truly divine.  Delicious in style, we work with original artists here in Australia and overseas to bring you the most original and divine prints and designs we can.  We love the beauty and simplicity of this print.  It wraps around the T Bar Top, adding charm and true elegance to this wonderful garment.  

The T Bar detail is very beautiful.  We like to make each Divine Goddess garment a little different from the rest.  With this in mind we placed rubber in the straps of the T Bar Top so it will remain in place when you are moving and stretching your way through a yoga class of any nature.   We want our yoga clothing to remain in place, we do not wish to be pulling and tugging at our clothing when we practice yoga and with the Divine Goddess T Bar Top you will not be doing that at all.

 This garment is elegant and will find its way into your casual wardrobe also.  We like to offer clothing that is comfortable in the yoga room and just as cool on the street.

Manufactured from rayon lycra, this fabric comes from the cotton plant.  This allows the fabric to be soft and have the natural fibre feel but also to be strong and durable.  Machine washing is just fine with this beloved top from Divine Goddess.

Made with love in our heart and practice in mind.  Join us on the mat, open your heart and get ready to look good!!

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