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Full Length Women's Yoga Tops

Women's Top T Bar Bracelet

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This is a stunning addition to any wardrobe! We adore this new print from Divine Goddess. We chose to work with original artists and work together to create just the right amount of beauty and practicality for you to practice in!


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Black/Gold bracelet
Navy Blue/Silver bracelet

We love our T Bar Top, it is one of our most popular styles!  We worked over time with our new artist to create a new and original design for you, our beloved customers.

We think this bracelet design that sits on the base of the T Bar Top is utterly beautiful.  In shades of metallic gold and silver we know that you cannot go wrong here.  Many of our customers love this style so much that they are wearing it casually which is not a surprise!

The T Bar detail of this garment is very elegant.  We have placed rubber inside the straps so that they stay in place and do not stretch once the heat is on!  We dont want to be in downward dog and find ourselves exposed.  This garment will stay in place and provide a good level of support which is what we love.  

We have included a shelf bra inside this garment so that you dont need to wear a bra with it.   Many of our customers find this liberating and exhilarating to practice with just one garment on their body.  We also like this and enjoy the beauty and practicality the T Bar Top gives us!

We have used Rayon Lycra for the stunning top.  This is derived from wood pulp and cotton and the feeling of this garment against the skin is really wonderful.   We use natural fibres wherever possible at Divine Goddess as we know that many of our customers prefer the feeling of natural fibres against the skin.  We do too and we enjoy the flexibility this fabric gives us combined with the softness.  A wonderful mix.

The T Bar Top is tried and tested to be a worthy addition to any yogis wardrobe, you will not be disappointed with this one!!

LOVE xxx

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