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Full Length Women's Yoga Tops

Women's Top Sweet Pea T Shirt

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We have been asked and asked by many yogis for a T Shirt that allows movement and covers the shoulders. We designed this Sweet Pea T Shirt for all of you that have been asking and we think it is the T Shirt to suit all of you.


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We know that many ladies like a sleeve on the T so here it is!  The Sweet Pea has arrived and it is full of flavour and natural fibres.  Cotton stretch works towards allowing the body to breathe and move without trapping the heat in.  We practice in this top and keep it on straight after class and off into the world. 

The hemline is easy and finishes around the hips so plenty of coverage for all of us when we feel to have it.  The Sweet Pea fits close to the body but not too close.  It accentuates the curve of a woman and leaves room to move and practice. 

We also like to wear it with skirts and scarves to dress it up and down and we know that jeans LOVE the Sweet Pea!

We have chosen to make the Sweet Pea T in a myriad of colours.  Cotton to soothe the spirit and awaken the heart!  Pink for love, green for the sea and blue for the colour of your eyes!  Black and White are everyday favourites and the grey is so easy to wear!

Please wash this T Shirt in cold water, we like our clothing to last a long time and cold water washing will do just that.

Yoga is a beautiful practice and this T Shirt reflects just that beauty.  Sweet Pea for the heart and soul

LOVE your yoga practice and love your life xx

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