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Full Length Women's Yoga Tops

Women's Top Pranava

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A very elegant and functional yoga tank from Divine Goddess. Pranava represents the vibration that is Ohm, divine, meditational goodness straight to you


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Navy Blue

We created the Pranava top and thought it was so wonderful that we should give it a great name.  Ohm is the vibration that heals all.  It welcomes in the light and soothes the soul, as easy as can be.  

We know that yoga is just the tool for awakening the light and also for soothing the soul so we gave this divine tank the ultimate name.  Pranava represents the vibration that is Ohm.  Ohm comes from within and heals as it moves through the body.  Everyone can make the vibration that is ohm so everyone can bathe in its almight goodness!

The detail of this tank is lovely.  Very flattering and supportive on the breasts.  We find that this top is perfect for someone that likes something a little different.  You will enjoy how this tank looks once you try it on.

The racerback detail also accentuates a womens features.  A lady that practices yoga is certain to have some goodness in her shoulder blades and the Pranava tank does indeed help that to look good.

We have included our traditional Lotus Flower to remind us that, like the Lotus Flower, we rise to the top of the pond, heading towards the light and seeking the liberation of living in your truth.

Enjoy this divine Pranava Top in the offerings of turquoise, black, navy blue and purple


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