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Full Length Women's Yoga Tops

Women's Top Low Back

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We love the Low Back Top for the stunning back detail we have created for you. We have placed rubber in the straps so that this garment stays in place whilst still looking so fabulous.

The back detail is very beautiful. We have included rubber in our straps here so the support is very good. You wont be tugging at your straps in this garment. No indeed!! The cross back detail is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.


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At Divine Goddess we believe that yoga clothing can be as elegant and timeless as our yoga practice.  The Divine Goddess Low Back Top symbolises all of these coming together in a wonderful yoga tank that looks so fabulous.

We have also included the in built shelf bra for support for all shapes and sizes of women.  Practicing yoga is one of lifes essential past time and we want and like to look and feel fabulous when doing so.

We manufacture this garment from our beloved rayon lycra.  This is taken from the cotton plant so is a natural fibre.  We take the time and precision to dye our fabrics ourselves.  That way, guaranteeing the quality of the colours and originality.  We know that practicing yoga is one of the most divine things we do in our lives and we would like yoga clothing that reflects that beauty.  The Low Back Top was created with beauty and a yoga practice in mind.

This is a beautiful tank and can be worn in class with pride or outside in the world with any casual clothing.  Very beautiful for the modern day yogi.

Take the time to try our garments.  You will love the feel and the texture of wearing natural fibres.  Feel the love we imbibe with every garment.  It is there for you all to enjoy.

Please feel the wash this Low Back Top in the machine but we recommend line drying under the suns rays to ensure the long life of your Divine Goddess garment

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