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Cotton Yoga Practice Tops

Womens Top Love Singlet Lotus

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The new Divine Goddess Love Singlet is one of our most easy tops to wear. We made the Love singlet a looser fit than some of our other delights. There are days when we like to wear a loose fitting top and take it easy.

The Love Singlet is made from cotton lycra. It is a single layer tank. This allows the body to breath and the sensation of wearing natural fibres is one of our favourites.


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This is the perfect garment to take to class and then take out into the world. We love the versatility of this garment and the design is so elegant and easy to wear.

The Lotus Flower on the back of the Love singlet symbolises new beginnings.  Like the lotus flower we all rise gently toward the light.  Especially with the gift of yoga in your life.  Fresh beginnings and open hearts.  The way of life at Divine Goddess.

Wear the Love Singlet with our Sport Crop Tops and you will be well supported. 

Machine washable and long lasting.  Perfect for a strong practice or everyday casual living.  We recommend line drying this divine garment.  At Divine Goddess we believe that machine driers shorten the life of a garment and with products as beautiful as these we dont want that to happen!

Love your life

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