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Cotton Yoga Practice Tops

Womens Top Love Singlet Ganesha

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Our Love Singlets are cut to fit looser on the body. Sometimes we feel for a top that doesnt hug us as close as others. The Love Singlet is very forgiving and treats us just right. This top allows for a great range of movement. You will feel the difference as soon as you put it on.

Manufactured from the softest cotton lycra, this leaves the wearer with a feeling of natural fibres on the skin. Soft and sweet. Perfect with one of our Sport Crop Tops underneath.


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The racerback detail is pretty and accentuates the shoulders.  Ganesha is the God who removes obstacles in our pathway to success.  Whatever they may be, he helps us remove them and move forward.  Lightly and gently, the easiest way to go.  Call on Ganesha to help you in areas you need it.  He loves to.

This garment is perfect for casual wear, day and night.  We adore to wear it with jeans or a close fitting skirt.  The cotton lycra works so well in allowing the heat to move in and out from the body.  The curve on the hem line is pretty, attractive and flattering.  We LOVE this singlet.

The Divine Goddess Love Singlet is perfect for a hot practice or walking the dog.  We like to wear them casually, with jeans or shorts or just for a day out in the sun.

Love your yoga, love your Divine Goddess Love Singlet.

Machine washable and extremely durable.  Enjoy this garment half as much as we do and you will be happy.  We do not recommend drying the Divine Goddess Love Singlet in machine driers.  We believe they shorten the life of a garment and with garments as beautiful as ours are we dont want that!

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