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Full Length Women's Yoga Tops

Women's Top Lakshmi

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Navy Blue

Lakshmi is the Goddess of Abundance. She bestows blessings of
abundance in whatever form we need, spirituality, finances and love. We
call on Lakshmi when we feel for some assistance on this level. She is
also the Goddess of Mother Earth, feeding the planet and loving all its

We designed this Lakshmi Top with Goddess Lakshmi in
mind. This garment provides excellent support, perfect for ladies with
breasts that need some caring. We also cut the torso section a little
looser. Some days we like to wear our garments with room to spare and
the Lakshmi Top is just the one when that day has come.

We love the cut of the neck line, flattering on the breasts, while providing excellent support.  We also love the back detail.  Cut out and full of love. 

This Lakshmi Top is wonderful for a strong practice and we enjoy to wear it after class with something casual as it looks so good.  We have designed a range of colours for you that work in and out of the yoga room.  We hand dye each and every piece of fabric that we use for our garments so every item is manufactured by hand with love and attention to detail.

The Lakshmi Top has an in built bra to provide that extra support many of us are looking for when we are practicing yoga.  We test each and every style before it reaches you so ensure that practice feels as good as it should.

We know and live and breathe the understanding that yoga is love and your yoga clothing should reflect that.


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