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Full Length Women's Yoga Tops

Women's Top Delicious V Ganesha

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This is a single layer tank. There are times when we like to wear a single layer tank. To go without a bra or wear one of our Sport Crop Tops underneath. This makes The Delicious V are very comfortable tank to wear for practice or just out in the world.


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Deep Purple
Navy Blue

Made from Rayon Lycra.  This fabric is derived from the cotton plant.  Allowing the wearer to feel cool and calm during a strong practice.  This tank will support a strong practice or just life on the cruisy side.  We adore the way we feel when we wear Rayon Lycra.  It hugs the body but not too tight.  It leaves us feeling supported and divine and we know that all women enjoy that!

This is a very popular tank with most of our custmers.  It is really so very comfortable for practice and we LOVE that so many of our customers wear this garment outside of class.  We are always looking for more goodies to wear shopping or simply hanging out.

Ganesha is the bestower of success.  He removes the obstacles in our pathway to success.  Ganesha is a playful god who also takes life seriously.  Reminding us that taking care and being conscious is the way to a happy heart.  Ganesha is playful and full of devotion, just like ourselves.  Ganesha is also the God of the Scribes.  Bringing peace and ease to all of us that enjoy the writing experience.

Please feel free to wash The Delicous V in the machine but hang on the line to dry.  We feel that machine drying shortens the life of all clothing.

Deep purple  and Navy Blue in colours.  This is a rich and wonderful tank.  The Divine Goddess is within all of us

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