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Yoga Crop Tops

Women's Top Bikini Lotus

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This is a very beautiful sports top. Great for all hot yoga and for underneath singlets.Why not look beautiful in and out of yoga class. We think so and the Divine Goddess Bikini Top allows you to do just that.


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one size
Navy Blue

Rayon lycra holds and supports with a spunky look.  This backless style has 4 different ways to tie straps. This makes the Divine Goddess Bikini Top fun to wear and can be different each and every time.  These tops look great with jeans or also with a skirt for everyday life.

Very flattering and beautiful on the body, this top is unique and lovely.  We hand dye all of our fabrics to make the colours exquisite and unique.  Take the time to see what we have on offer and experience the jewel like feelings of these fibres and colours.

We love the fact that you can tie this garment 4 different ways.  Allowing yourself to never tire of thie Divine Goddess Bikini Top.  We feel different each day and that is perfect with this garment.  Take the time to experiment and see what you can make happen in this divine Bikini Top.

Lotus print on the front. Lotus is the flower of the heart and yoga is the work of the soul. We want to rise to the top, towards the light and uncomplicated living, join us on our quest for light dancing.  This is the perfect top to while away the hours on the dancefloor that is life!!!

Fully machine washable and durable this is a wonderful addition to any yoginis wardrobe.

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