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Yoga Crop Tops

Women's Top Ahimsa Crop

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We love the Ahimsa Top so much we decided to make a Crop version and the feeling is divine!

Rubber in the straps combine with our traditional natural fibres and the support is wonderful!


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This is a totally fantastic garment!   The Ahimsa Crop was derived from our best selling Ahimsa Top.  The feeling and the cut is so good that we decided to make a crop version for all of you Divine Goddesses!

We placed rubber in the straps so that the support is excellent in this garment.  It suits ladies with bigger busts also which is fantastic.  The rubber works so well to keep this garment in place and provide an excellent amount of support, whatever the size of breast.  We have tried and tested and know that this garment not only looks good but is a delight to wear.

The front is adorned with our Lotus Flower.  This reminds us that rising towards the light is what yoga helps us to do.  This can in turn provide new beginnings for us and we all love that yoga is the key to these new beginnings.  We have all of our designs drawn by artists to ensure that all of our prints are original and from the heart.

This garment is cut to cover more of the torso than our Sport Crop Top.  Ladies are wearing this garment for yoga, dance and all other exercise pursuits.  Divine and delicious and ready to go.

The Rayon Lycra we used for manufacture is derived from a mix of wood pulp and cotton and this is like a second skin against the body.  This allows the heat to move freely from the body and the light to shine from within.

Ahimsa means non violence and the best place to begin with this is with ourselves.  The Ahimsa Crop reminds us that kindness is the key and new beginnings are just around the corner.

LOVE xxx

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