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Yoga Crop Tops

Women's Sport Crop Top With Lotus

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This is an all purpose crop sport top. Manufactured by hand in divine rayon lycra. Rayon fabric is derived from the cotton plant. This allows the fabric to be very strong and very soft at the same time. We wear our sport crop tops from Divine Goddess all the time now, instead of bras during daily life and during practice. Nothing feels softer and you can almost forget you are wearing a sports bra.


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Rosa Tie Dyed

We take the time and effort to hand dye all of our fabrics to our own and original colours.  This means that not every purple will be the same but will indeed be filled with love.  See on your left for the colours we are offering at this time in our Sport Crop Top.

We have included rubber in the straps of the Divine Goddess Sport Crop Top.  This provides a great strength and stability to the straps of the Sport Crop Top.  It allows you to practice a strong a yoga practice as you like and for the Sport Crop Top to remain in place and not stretch.  

We love to wear our Sport Crop Tops instead of bras under all of our garments.  We love the fact that sometimes the Lotus Flower shines through, reminding us that, like the Lotus Flower, we rise to the top of the pile.  Emerging from the murky depths of the pond and awakening in the light of love and truth.  Allow this Lotus Flower to guide you towards the light.  Work well in your yoga practice and you will arrive in the light.  This is a truth we know and love!

The lotus print on the front of the top signifies new beginnings.  The opening of the heart and the awakening of a deeper faith.

Fully machine washable and extremely durable.  This top lasts very well. Divine

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