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Full Length Yoga Pants

Women's Pants Hatha White

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We love the simplicity of these Divine Goddess Yoga Pants.  We have manufactured them from Rayon Lycra.  This fabric is derived from the cotton plant so it feels wonderful on the skin.  There is enough stretch to make it perfect for a strong yoga practice or just as at home on the dance floor or cafe after class.

The wide waistband is flattering to most shapes and figures.  These pants sit close to the body and accentuate the curves of a Divine Goddess.  We love that.  They sit close to the thighs and then come to a boot leg hemline.  This is elongating to the legs and welcoming to the figure.

We have brought some overstitching in white down the length of the leg and the waistline.  Bringing with it a simple touch but adding so much more.

These pants are perfect for Kundalini yoga and most other styles of yoga also.  We also like to wear them casually, they are just so good and feel so lovely.  You may well wish for two pairs of these pants they are so easy to wear.  Everyone has a few pairs of pants they can live without and these are the ones for you.  We are sure of how great these pants are, now for you to enjoy!

Please feel free to wash these pants in the machine, they will love you for it.  Please take the time though to dry under the sun and its kindness, we dont love what machine dryers do to garments.  We feel they shorten the life of the garment and no one wants that, especially not with pants these divine!!

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