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Full Length Yoga Pants

Women's Pants Hatha Black

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These are some of our most easy pants to wear.  We have manufactured the Hatha Pants in cotton lycra.  This gives a wonderful ability to stretch and move for the practitioner.  We love the feeling of this fabric against our skin, it is divine.

These are certainly some of our most flattering pants.  They are cut close to the bottom which always helps to create a sweet and yummy look for us.  We have used a wide waist band which is also great.

The legs still fit close then come out for a boot leg cut at the hemline.  This is very flattering and elongates the leg of the wearer.  We all love that and why not indeed.

The fabric here is perfect for washing in the machine and these pants will last for you many years.  We also wear these casually day after day after day.  The look of these pants is wonderful.  Worn with a t shirt in summer or a jumper in the winter these pants can go from class to the world super easily.

We do not recommend to machine dry these pants.  We dont recommend that for any clothing really.  We believe at Divine Goddess that machine dryers shorten the length of time clothing stays yummy and we dont want that do we?

The Hatha Pants have been a stable piece for Divine Goddess Yoga Clothing for some time now.  We feel they will remain in our wardrobe for many years to come.

Natural fibres and an excellent cut combine to bring beauty and full practicality to our Hatha Pants.  Many people come back and buy a second or third pair once they have their first pair.  Maybe you will do this also.  Who is to know before you receive the first one.

Now is the time for the Hatha Pants to come into your life, we love it, we are sure you will too.

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