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Full Length Yoga Pants

Women's Pants Goddess Wings Black

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The Goddess Pants by Divine Goddess Yoga Clothing will make most yogis happy!  We celebrate the Goddess in all her shapes and forms and nearly all sizes of Goddeses can wear these pants. They are perfect for yoga class and perfect for life.

We have used Rayon Lycra to manufacture these sweet things.  This fabric is taken from the cotton plant so it gives the sensation of wearing natural fibres against the skin which is so delightful.  We cannot think of any yummier than slipping into a pair of Divine Goddess Yoga Pants and hopping off to class.

Once class is done you will love DIVINE wearing these pants out in the world!!  We love the wings on the bottom and so will you.  There is no better way to remind yourself just how much of a Yoga Angel you really are than by wearing wings on the bottom.  Downward dog has never looked so delicious!!  You will bring smiles to the faces and pleasure to the hearts of all those around you.

The roll over waist band is a friend of ours.  It allows us to keep it unrolled and at full height to support the tummy if we so chose.  This is great on days when the tummy feels less than tight and taught.  Other days it is divine to feel the support around the bottom and hips by rolling the waistband the full length down.

These pants are so wonderful you can wear them out on the street and feel secure and confident you have a good look going.  We like to wear them summer and winter.  The fabric keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Divine and perfect and looking so good!!!

Wash these pants in the machine with love and kindness and all will be well.  Please dont put them in the machine dryer.  They are so harsh on clothing we dont recommend it for anyone.

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