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Full Length Yoga Pants

Women's Pants Bimba Black

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These are some of our favourite pants from Divine Goddess Yoga Clothing.  They are so good we named them after our daughters nickname, Bimba.  People love these and they are so easy on the eye and on the figure and lets not forget the wallet.

100% cotton pants.  This natural fibre fabric is nourishing and delightful.  It gives a great sense of stretch and well being.  We enjoy to wear these day after day.  They are perfect for yoga class and just so wonderful for out on the street.  We often live in these pants, perfect with a t shirt and just as good with a long sleeve Divine Goddess Top when the weather is cooler.

Rollover waistband in grey. These pants are extremely comfortable and very flattering. They suit most figures and are always looking fabuous.  They last well, washing easily and being able to be worn again and again. The roll over waistband is our best friend.  Giving us support where and when we want it.  Take the chance and leave the waist band fully up to provide some support for the tummy or roll it right over and support the hips and bottom.  Up to you but always divine indeed!

100% cotton allows the body to breathe and move.  Natural fibres are so lovely on the skin.   These pants dont make knees when you wear them and we love that also.

Fully machine washable and extremely long lasting. Wearing these pants is fun and they look very good.  Enjoy our Bimba pants, named after the delightful Bimba.  A sweeter girl you cannot find!

Great price, great cut and even greater look!!

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