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The Ultimat

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Welcome to the most amazing Yoga Mat we have yet to create! Eco Friendly, Biodegradable and super high performance. This is the mat you take travelling with you. Weighing just 1kg and working like a champion!


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This is the Ultimat!!  Our first completely original design of yoga mat and the first of this nature in the world!!

This mat is biodegradable and so kind to mother earth.

One layer of TPE sits underneath one layer of natural rubber!  This mat has a grip like spiderman!  We created this mat for people that practice hot yoga or Bikram and for the Ashtangis and yogis that want a REALLY good grip without the weight that some mats have.  This mat weighs1kg!

TPE is Biodegradable and Eco Friendly and so is the Natural Rubber of the topping layer.  This mat has an amazing grip, we were completely blown away once we began to practice on this mat!  Perfect!!

The colours of this mat are black/lilac and black/grey.  They sit together and combine to make a very beautiful Yoga Mat whilst a completely functioning yoga mat.  This is a hard core yoga mat that doesnt cost the earth, hurt the earth or weigh much at all.

We have trialed and tested this mat all over the world and in various conditions.  Perfect for a hot and sweaty climate and ultra sticky for when a good grip is completely necessary.

We are so happy with this new addition to our family.

Wait until it arrives to you and we are sure you will agree that this mat is the one to take everywhere.  Solid as a rock and light to the touch.

We take the time and the patience to create for you the very best yoga products we can possibly think of.  This mat will serve you well and will travel and journey with you wherever you need it to.

Love your life, love your yoga and now, LOVE YOUR MAT!!!

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