Sweet As Pants 3/4 Length

Colour: Grey

We have manufactured the Sweet As 3/4 Pants from cotton lycra.  This is a natural fabric that feels wonderful to wear.  Air moves around the body easily, allowing the heat to leave the body.  The stretch in this fabric is excellent and this allows you to move extremely freely in your yoga practice and beyond.

We have included our Lotus Flower on the waistband that helps us to remember that our yoga practice helps us to move towards the light of truth and honest living.  We practice yoga to dispel the darkness, rising towards the light.  Liberating ourselves from the drudgery of complicated living.  Allow this Lotus Flower to help towards a more simple way of life.

These are good looking pants that actually work in the yoga room.  We want or pants to be as beautiful as our yoga practice.

Flattering and elongating to the leg. The tie detail on the waistband leaves it up to you whether you feel you need to use or it not.  Sometimes we like our pants to fit firmly and some days not so much.  We like to have the choice as to whether to use the tie or not.  Decide for yourself what you like.

Machine washable and we recommend drying under the suns rays.  Enjoy your yoga and your Divine Goddess pants.


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