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Tree Of Life Gold Studs

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The Tree of Life reminds us of our roots and remaining centred. We adore these new studs from Satya Jewellery and love that they help us to remain calm.


Satya Jewellery are beloved spiritual jewellery manufacturers that we have been working with for some time now.  They are a pleasure and we always so very happy when new and exciting pieces arrive to our doorstep.

These beautiful studs are no exception.  The Tree of Life is depicted here and we love to be reminded of remaining calm and centred when all else is a whirlwind.  This is simple and we can begin this process with deepening the breath.  Feeling into the breath and becoming one with the ground beneath you.  This can be a daily practice and we love to think that these earrings can help us to attain this centredness.

Saty Jewellery use 24ct Gold to plate these earrings and the coating lasts very well if you do not shower or swim in these pieces.  Why choose to do that when you could enjoy these delightful earrings for time to come.

Simple and sweet and such a joy to behold. 

We love that Satya Jewellery have begun their own Foundation through which they donate a percentage of their sales to various childrens charities around the world.  They also assist under priviledged children in the US to practice yoga and we know how beneficial that can be.

Beloved indeed

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