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Yoga Mats

Tpe Mat Orange 5mm

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We welcome into the family the newest shade of Orange to our TPE collection. This is truly a wonderful yoga mat and we feel happy and proud to bring this divine yoga mat to your attention.

Divine Goddess have worked extremely hard to create a great range of Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mats. We try and test them ourselves before they join the collection so we know how good they really are!


The TPE collection from Divine Goddess is an Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mat that we have worked with our manufacturers to bring you the most beautiful and most functional yoga mat we could create.  We recycle plastic to manufacture these yoga mats and then we make these divine Yoga Mats biodegradable.  This means we save the planet twice.  Once by recycling the plastic material and then again when you finish with your yoga mat and can bury it and it will decompose so easily.

These mats weigh less than 1 kilogram which is truly amazing.  We have learnt so much about yoga mats during this process and can confirm that the TPE from Divine Goddess are a closed cell composition.  This means that when the heat is on and the room is sweaty or even when you are practicing in the tropics or outside in the hot weather the water doesnt come into the yoga mat.  It will sit outside the mat and remain there.

We love to practice yoga in the warmer climes but we dont like to slip and fall around on our yoga mats.  The TPE collection from Divine Goddess is perfect for this.

The weight is so easy to make this the perfect yoga mat for the travelling yogi.  We know what it is like to move around the globe, wanting to practice yoga but needing to take your yoga mat with you.  We designed this collection of yoga mats to be perfect for the travelling yoga and here you are!

The orange and grey combination is beautiful.  It is up to you which side you practice on but the lotus flower that is embossed on this mat is on the orange side.  How lovely.

The Lotus Flower is our very own.  We again worked hard to bring beauty and not just functionality to this yoga mat.  We believe that the practice of yoga is beautiful and our yoga products should reflect that very beauty.

Enjoy now and watch the people around you smile xxx

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