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Yoga Mats

Tpe Mat Lilac 5mm

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Divine is the best way to describe these new and delightful additions to our TPE range of Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mats.

Yoga Mats that are kind to the planet and beautiful at the same time.  What more can you ask!!  Not so much.

We take pride and feel pleasure that these mats are biodegradable.  No more wastage when your yoga mat is done.  Simply add to landfill and they will dissolve.  Easy and simple.

The colours of this mat are lilac and a darker purple.  Each side just perfect for practicing upon.  Which side will you choose today, lilac or lovely purple? 

These mats are PVC, PBA, Phthalate and Dioxins free and do not contain any trace or Latex or Rubber.  No toxic materials have been used in the manufacture of these mats for the goodness of the workers manufacturing them for us.

These mats are very durable but they do not like to be left out in the full sun so please dont do that.

Do Enjoy your yoga practice on these mats and DO practice devotion on these mats and the gods will laugh and dance and sing with you. We have tested that and for sure that is the best result we can bring to you.

Laugh, dance, sing and most of all, practice yoga!

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