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Yoga Mats

Tpe Mat Grey Swirl 5mm

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We feel sure you will be as happy as we are once you try this divine and Environmentlly Friendly Yoga Mat.  Recycled and biodegradable, this is one mat to make Mother Earth smile!

We have researched the best and tried the most environmentally friendly mats we can and we are loving the way this mat works for our practice!

Grey on one side and a deeper and more lustrous grey on the other.  Up to you which side you choose to use each and every day!

We have embossed our divine and beloved lotus flower on these mats and they bring beauty and a gentle reminder that the lotus flower symbolises new beginnings.  As the lotus flower rises towards the light, so do we.  Our yoga practice brings many tools to us that allow us to live and dance in the light.  Take the time and see for yourself!

The texture of this mat is a limited edition.  The swirly nature of the design is one we bring to you for a limited period.  Quick, before they sell out!  This texture is different only in look, it provides the same good grip as the other Environmentally Friendly mats in our collection.

This mat contains noPVC, PBA, Phthalate and no Dioxins.  There is no latex or rubber used in these mats.  We do not use glue to keep these sides together.  They are 100% environmentally friendly and divine!

There are no toxic materials used in the manufacture of these mats for the workers safety.

These mats provide a good grip and give the earth some peace.  Simply place in landfill when their time is done and they will dissolve, perfect!

These mats are beautiful and are a step towards a kinder life and a sweeter planet.

Join us and feel the difference

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