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Yoga Mats

Tpe Mat Grey 5mm

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We love to take care of the planet as much as we can.  The idea of using an Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mat is divine indeed! Why not make these Environmentally Friendy Mats as beautiful as possible.

With this in mind we have created for you, our Divine Goddess Environmentally Friendly Yoga Mats range.  Beautiful, functional and good for practice! 

We love the embossed lotus flower on each and every mat.  5mm worth of goodness just for you.

We take pride in being as yoga minded as we can be.  Here is another example of extending the yoga lifestyle.  Kind to yourself, kind to the planet and perfect for practice!  Worthy indeed!!

This mats contain no PVC, PBA, Phthalate and have no Dioxins in them at all.  The workers manufacturing these mats are protected from harmful pollutants also.  No toxic materials at all are used in the manufacture of these mats.

The grip is good and 5mm is thick enough to provide cushioning for the spirit.

Love yourself and love the planet today!  The time is just right for looking after all of us!

Divine work in action

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